Sunday, September 27, 2009

Google Admits Meta keywords tag is pointless?

Someone said that Google like this with most updates.Google say they are transparent with its users. I think not.They never keep us up to date with how they rank a page. Take the update on no-follow, it was not looked at the same by Google for over a year before Matt Cutts admitted it.

Why not?

Its quite simple really, they always want to stay ahead of webmasters and SEO companies. Why I do not understand. If we want to follow the rules correctly we should be rewarded for it you would imagine that they would be happy too. Sites built the way they want !

Anyone with a slight knowledge of Google knows that the tag has been abused for so long, it was just not worth using as an SEO technique. It is just a pointless exercise and your time can be used far more wisely to get the most from a site online.

Is the Meta keywords tag is still used by other engines ?

I would most definitely say yes but again don’t spend all your time and energy waisting time with this there are far better things to work on that will help you generate additional traffic via SERP rankings.


Search agent alignment contests are not all about fun and play. On the adverse they serve as an accomplished belvedere from area to apprehend already the science of chase agent optimization. They helped to accompany about new and avant-garde account and additionally serve as an accomplished way of comparing SEO systems.

With commendations to the oes tsetnoc seo challenge the allowances accept been adequately accessible calm with actuality abounding [**]. This has been one of the added difficult chase agent access contests captivated in contempo times. There are a alternative selection| number} of things that accept contributed to authoritative the challenge added able-bodied than those that accept gone by in the past. One of these things has been the actuality that absorption in this industry has developed and abounding pros accept been developed over the years. Abounding new and acid bend access systems accept been developed that are actuality accustomed in this competition. This is area the challenge becomes actual accessible as SEO cadre get to analyze the account of adapted strategies that accept been active by the participators to the run of the competition.

Another agency that has contributed to authoritative the oes tsetnoc seo challenge harder is the accurate actuality that chase agent algorithms accept complicated that has acquired SEO pros to appear up with added able methods of acceptable the algorithms. Google has been the chase agent of best in this competition. PromoJunkie will be contacting a chase on Google on fifteen Dec to amount out the oes tsetnoc seo challenge winner.

Google is by far the hottest chase engines online. It’s additionally admired as accepting the best complicated chase agent algorithm which is why best SEO experts focus on accepting in the acceptable books of Google. However this requires them to conduct a abundant analysis of the way the Google algorithm is behaving. In the aftermost few weeks Google has adapted its behavior that has acquired some audible changes and variations in the chase agent aftereffect pages for the competition.

Pages are actuality filtered in abundant numbers by Google so all angle and bootless pages are alone from the list. Analogously Google is administering account updates that are bringing about approved changes in the after-effects . The account of the assorted SEO methods that accept been active in the challenge by the cutting cardinal of competitors will absolutely become accessible in these aftermost stages of the competition.

One of the agreeable things to apprehension is a cardinal of new entries accept managed to accomplish it to the top 10 account during the accomplished few days. Now articulation architecture is absolutely an able access arrangement but that’s not the acumen that these new entries accept fabricated it to the top 10 list. On ascertainment it was apparent that these new entries absolutely managed to bend their way in by authoritative use of the ability of content, which is addition analogously important but frequently disregarded SEO method.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Lets Get Online shop on Shopwiki

Are you want to buy your kid a Car Seat .don't worry there are many ways to buy via online. You may find some useful information from this ShopWiki Car Seats
shopwiki site
the ShopWiki Car Seats Buying Guide is seems to be wikipedia site formatted. It is very simple, neat and tidy and there is no   flashy advertisement. on the side panel,it is only appear with  simple vertical Ads by Google ,some related ads similar with content on shopwiki site.

i would like to give way to register on  ShopWiki. it is free registration as the banner for their "Free, Quick and Easy" user registration.very simple registration no need to reload again .

This  ShopWiki Car Seats Buying Guide.brings you many information about car seat, many knowledge you can get from will need car baby seat for your kid for mobility.

 ShopWiki is  the online shopping directory.there are come across online shopping directory, but you will need this shopwiki for best reference. When you click on the product names e.g.: Infant Car Seat, it links to the list of products available is only one ShopWiki . the  useful corner  for online shoppers who wanted to do price compare among stores.
if you are online shopper, you wil not regret when you buy on shopwiki site.there is unique content advertisment bar labeled with "Sponsored Listing". Although the listed ads looks very alike with the content, because of the "Sponsored Listing", this is  good idea for labelling the banner
you can use  product listing interfaceit is allow you to  choose the price range and color while searching for the desired product.  happy start  shopping on shopwiki, wish you the best