Friday, May 1, 2009

Aturan Kontes sulumits retsambew

SEO kontest sulumits retsambew punya aturan . Bos Net Builders SEO Contest : 

Tujuan: Berada di urutan SERPs Google Index  .  
Tanggal dimulai : 15 Maret, 2009

Tanggal Berakhir: 15 Agustus, 2009 - Larut malam GMT

Berebutan ini:
Tongkrongan pertama: $1,000
kongkow kedua: $500
Jingkrak ketiga: $250
Isi kontesnya: bahasa inggris sulit nerjemahinnya baca aja aslinya yaa

To enter the contest, you must post the domain you are entering into the contest in a message here at NetBuilders.

Determination of Winners

I will determine the official winners by using a manual search to As Google returns different results from different data centers and to different searchers, the results you see may not be the results that I see.

Targeted Keywords: The targeted keywords for our contest are "sulumits retsambew" (without the quotes)

Chris Ridings for inventing the concept of an SEO contest.
John Scott for popularizing the idea and running probably the best SEO contest ever.
Mike Dammann for kicking me until I finally ran this contest.