Sunday, September 27, 2009

Google Admits Meta keywords tag is pointless?

Someone said that Google like this with most updates.Google say they are transparent with its users. I think not.They never keep us up to date with how they rank a page. Take the update on no-follow, it was not looked at the same by Google for over a year before Matt Cutts admitted it.

Why not?

Its quite simple really, they always want to stay ahead of webmasters and SEO companies. Why I do not understand. If we want to follow the rules correctly we should be rewarded for it you would imagine that they would be happy too. Sites built the way they want !

Anyone with a slight knowledge of Google knows that the tag has been abused for so long, it was just not worth using as an SEO technique. It is just a pointless exercise and your time can be used far more wisely to get the most from a site online.

Is the Meta keywords tag is still used by other engines ?

I would most definitely say yes but again don’t spend all your time and energy waisting time with this there are far better things to work on that will help you generate additional traffic via SERP rankings.

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